The chassis is the most important element to the Park Home but it is often neglected by most Park Home owners, oblivious to it’s importance or the need for maintenance a case of “out of sight, out of mind”

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Being so close to the ground, the under chassis of the Park Home is open to the elements as well as any build up of snow, mud or potential flooding. Being made of steel, without adequate protection, the steel frame can corrode and rust, making it brittle and prone to cracking or buckling under the weight of the Park Home and it’s contents – this is especially true if the support jacks are corroded (or as we have seen in some cases) non existant.

Early signs of damage could include squeaky or uneven floors. More serious symptoms include floor movement, dampness leading to heat loss. The most severe cases could lead to the roof cracking or the park home floor subsiding.

The Park Home Doctors can perform a complete inspection of the under chassis of your park home. We can then, provide a full service to re-strengthen and condition the chassis, add support jacks where necessary and provide underfloor insulation as standard with a guarantee of our work for 15 years.

The process includes:

  • Replacing rotten timbers where necessary, treating and re-strengthening the wooden supports
  • Replace old support jacks with new corrosion resistant jacks
  • Replacement of floorboards where necessary
  • Provide under-floor insulation using the latest “Celotex” insulation as standard. The aluminium surfaces are coated to give durability and protection against corrosion and to give a waterproof insulation system
  • Clean and treat the steel chassis to prevent corrosion
  • Helping to save money on your heating bills by protecting from drafts and heat-loss from your home to the ground.
  • The aluminium layers helps to reflect radiant heat back into the Park Home, helping to keep it warmer in winter & cooler in the summer

We use a state of the art “inspection camera” allowing you to view the underside of the chassis and our workmanship in the comfort of your arm chair. Using our monitor, you won’t need to get down and dirty under the Park Home, remain warm and clean, whilst ensuring you are happy with the work completed.

Park Home Doctors Post work inspection – allowing our customers to see and understand exactly what has been done under the chassis from the comfort of their Park Home

With Park Home Doctors, you can be assured to receive both a professional and competitive Park Home Refurbishment service. With a large, multi-skilled work-force, you can be certain that our projects are completed quickly, with the minimum of fuss, leaving you to relax and enjoy your new Park Home.

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